Turntable Guide

Welcome back to my blog guys. I’ve been gone a while so thought t was about time I added another article to the blog. I love pretty much all kinds of music. I’m not a massive pop fan but there are some great pop tunes out there still. As I mentioned back in my last post, I love the experience of doing music festivals and a long as there’s a good mix of music, it’s more about the vibe and everybody coming together. Dance music is up there as one of my favourite genres but I tend to just do small venues when it comes to Dance gigs as I find them more fun that way.

Being a Dance music fan and somebody who likes to produce my own tracks, I thought writing a short article on Turntables might be pretty cool. I’ve had quite a bit of experience buying turntables in the past so figured I’d share a bit of my knowledge and give a guide on finding the right turntable to suit your needs.


The most important thing to consider, as with buying anything I suppose, is deciding on a budget. Are you looking at a bargain basement buy or can you splash-the-cash? This might depend on how serious you are and also whether you need to spread your money to buy other bits of equipment for our studio setup. You can go for trusty vintage turntables which offer a certain reliability and you can pick-up quite cheap if you look in the right places. I recommend searching http://www.used.forsale/turntables used for sale turntables as you’ll be sure to find a bargain. You can also look at speciality stores if you can’t find what you’re looking for there. If you want to go the new route then the price will increase considerably, especially for high-end tech.

Which Type?

If you can afford it, then there’s some serious kit out there nowadays but I still love the Technics MK2’s of old. Those are direct drive turntables and are more suited to DJ’s as you can rotate the platter backwards without it harming the turntable. If you’re a member of the audiophile community, then belt drive turntables are better suited. You don’t get any excess vibration interfering with the electrical signal which is essential when your mixing and creating tracks this way. Something else to consider is whether you go for manual or automatic tonearms. Automatic tonearms mean you just touch a button and a track will play with the tone arm moving automatically. The manual tonearm requires the user to lift the arm themselves and place it in the correct position. These are preferred generally as they require less moving parts so the vibrations are reduced.

Other things to Consider

As I mentioned earlier in the post, you need to consider what other equipment is going to accompany your turntables. You’ll either need to connect the turntables up to an external amplifier via the phono connections or it may have a built-in pre-amp already installed. This is definitely worth checking as it may mean forking out for additional equipment when not necessarily required. Another element that is often not considered by first time buyers and novices is the quality of the cartridge that comes with the turntable. This is a component that connects the tonearm and holds the stylus which connects with the record you’re playing. I highly recommend buying a new cartridge when buying an old second-hand turntable as its probably been run-down with all the usage and will have an impact on the sound you create. It could even damage those precious records which sin’t something anybody would wish for.

So there you have it, a few tips on what to consider when buying a new set of turntables. If I’ve got to recommend a brand for the newer style turntables then it would probably be Numark as I’ve always used them and have been very impressed with the one’s of owned and used. As mentioned earlier, the Technics MK2’s are fantastic, if your after some older turntables and they’ve really stood the test of time. Ask any DJ worth their salt who’s been in the business a while and they will swear by them as consistent and reliable above most. I don’t know your budget or your setup so the rest is up to you. Maybe take a look at the Numark website as like I said, they have a great range and are a reputable brand.

Thanks for Reading, see you next time.