My love for rock n roll

Hey guys! How are we all? Thanks for coming back to my blog. It’s really great to have somewhere we can all talk about anything and everything music related!!

So for this blog entry I thought that I would talk to you guys a little more about my love for rock n roll music. I have always had an infinity towards music from decades gone by, particularly the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. To me the music from this era reflects the culture and people of a time when music was so important. It’s fun, clever and has continued to inspire people to this day.  I guess for me, it all started when I was younger, listening to my dad play Elvis Presley and comb his hair in the mirror just like ‘the king’ used to. Other obvious inspirations were the Beatles, I mean who doesn’t have a favourite Beatles song?? A band that particularly resonates with me though is the Beach Boys, their music is playful, cool and energetic. As soon as I hear one of their songs I am instantly in good spirits.

Surprisingly, I have recently had the pleasure of listening to Asian rock n roll. I have spent a lot of my time traveling around Cambodia and was introduced during this time to Cambodian rock n roll from the 60’s. This came as a bit of a shock because the music that most Cambodian people listen to seems to be obscenely loud and unpleasant so it really excited me to find out that they have an amazing history of really great rock n roll music. Unfortunately though, the dramatic events of the Khmer Rouge that proceeded this decade means that the progression of music in Cambodia has become significantly stunted. Thankfully though there are a number of groups such as ‘The Cambodian Space Project’ that are trying to revive the music from this period and have in fact made a name for themselves worldwide.