My Fender Jazzmaster

Welcome back guys! Hope you are enjoying the blog so far! Let me know if it gets a bit boring or repetitive. I’m always looking for new music and interests to talk about so hit me up anytime!

I think it is quite obvious that I love music, I guess it would be a bit silly to have started a music blog if I didn’t!! Anyway, I am always looking for new ways to express this passion of mine whether it’s going to gigs, festivals, researching new music or playing it myself. So today I thought I would share with you my latest musical endeavour! I decided to set up my own band. It is something I have always longed to do but just haven’t found the time. I guess I’m getting to that age now where I have achieved most things I want in life career and family wise so it is now time to start thinking about myself. So I got chatting to a few friends who also love music and they were keen to join me on my endeavour. None of us are accomplished musicians by any stretch of the imagination but all know how to play an instrument or two. So my strong point is playing the guitar, I just naturally seemed to be able to pick it up. I never had lessons, I just practiced whenever I could and before long I was wooing prospective girlfriends.

I already have a simple guitar but for this endeavour I decided to splurge out and give myself a bit of a challenge. It is this combination of music and technology that has really changed music and made the music industry such an exciting and progressive genre so with this in mind I have invested in a Fender Jazzmaster! Sounds cool right? Well it looks even cooler! Check out this website for some great examples;



The History of the Electric Guitar

The electric guitar didn’t exactly just happen overnight it was a gradual progression. The process of which involved amplifying the sound of a regular guitar. Before the introduction of electrical speakers and amplifiers there were many attempts to amplify the sound produced by a guitar. During the 19th century the growing popularity of big band music and commercial radio meant there was a need to make the sound coming from the stage that much louder and more powerful. Changes began as new technologies, designs and materials developed. The first significant step was the introduction of steel strings which meant greater volume and tension could be achieved. Larger bodied guitars made from metal were introduced whilst other inventors looked at using electricity as a possible solution.

It was in the 1930’s though that really propelled change as electronic amplifiers were invented which really changed the sound of the guitar. Some traditionalists were a little slow with accepting this new innovation but many musicians were really excited about the advancements and it began to be used on the jazz and folk seen quite a lot. The electric guitars popularity continued to be disputed though as people often claimed that it didn’t produce an authentic and true sound. Charlie Christian a jazz musician was one of the first to defend its existence championing the fact that guitars could now compete with other more loud and powerful instruments when performing on stage. Other champions of the instrument began experiment with the sounds that it could produce such as its tonal and harmonic attributes. Hearing these new sounds other musicians jumped on the band waggon and it was in the 1950’s with rock n roll music that the electric guitar really came into its own. The electric guitar became the face of a new generation of music.


Fender Jazzmaster

Leo Fender patented the first real concept of an electric guitar to the masses and soon others would follow firmly placing the instrument in the limelight. His patent has continued on its status of popularity and relevance ever since.  Although many designs have developed, it is the Fender electric guitar that holds strong for me. There is a simplicity, elegance and clear sound that I feel outweighs any of the competition. I guess there is also something in me that likes to hold a little bit of history in my hands.


So to buy one of these bad boys brand new would cost a hell of a lot of money which I unfortunately don’t have, or at least can’t justify spending on what my wife calls a midlife crisis! Ha, the cheek of it. Anyway, I decided to purchase a used fender jazzmaster off a website that had lots of used fender jazzmasters for sale. They all seemed in excellent condition and a snip of the original price! I really am like a kid in a sweet shop at the moment and will find any excuse to practice on my used fender jazzmaster! Watch this space…