Mobile Music Studio Trailer

Mobile Music Studio Trailer

Hello again Peoples its Derrick ‘Drummer’ Dyer and I’m back for another post so hope you enjoy. This article is going to be looking at finding the right trailer for a new mobile studio trailer.

I’ve had a basic studio setup at home now for a few years but it’s looking a bit tired and in need of a revamp. I had been looking at building a sound booth in the studio so that I could record proper vocals and acoustics without all the background interference. I had also looked at covering the walls with improved sound proofing. It was whilst I’ve been searching around for the materials that I thought about maybe going in a different direction. Having the studio at home in a quiet residential area, you are very wary about playing the music too loud, even in the day-time. We’ve already had some complaints from the neighbours on both sides as they don’t seem to be very tolerant. It’s not like we’ve even been playing the music that loud.











Splitting the Costs

Anyway, as my mate has recently got into the music producing scene and is eager to get his own studio, we’ve decided to chip-in together and buy a trailer that we can then kit out and use as a portable music studio. Doing the project together will save us a lot of money. We’ve both already had some different pieces of kit that we are able to use. The remaining kit, we’ve lumped our funds together and pretty much bought everything we need except the trailer. The individual outlay was halved doing it this way. We’ve got a nice set of mixers and some sweet decks. Bought all the cables that we’ll need. We’ve bought most of the materials which will help manage the acoustics and environment to make the sounds as true as possible as well as some but not all of the sound proofing materials we’ll need. I’ve got a pretty sick microphone with all the trimmings needed and we've got two sets of mammoth sounding speakers. Even bought a smaller drum kit so I can hopefully squeeze that in too.

Home Studio vs. Mobile Studio

The obvious benefits are that if one of us need the trailer to work with a client, we can just pick it up and take it to wherever we need to go. It also means that we can take the trailer to a secluded spot out the way and work without the fear of upsetting the local residents. It could be used for loads of situations. I like to do festivals so we could take it to a festival for instance. Even just a lad’s weekend away, we could take the trailer and rock out to some tunes having a few beers. I think we’d have to look at a good solar setup as if we park-up somewhere without leccy, we’d have no power source. A generator isn’t the ideal thing to have running when you’ve got a music studio close by. There are some cool other portable battery solutions I’ve been looking at though which might be an option.



Which Trailer to Buy

So as I said earlier in the post, we’ve already got most things now except the trailer itself. Once we’ve found a suitable trailer, we might then need a few more bits of soundproofing materials to finish it off. Until we’ve picked one and no the shape and style, it is hard to know what materials and how much of those materials you’ll need. I’ve been looking at some really nice trailers on the internet made by a company called Ifor Williams. You can check out their range of trailers on the company website. They do some really pokey customizable trailers which are ideal for a range of businesses. I think they could work really well as a music studio and the designs I’ve seen are pretty much what I’d imagined when we first thought of doing the mobile studio.

Buying on a Budget

Whilst the trailers on this website would be perfect for what we want, I’m not sure we’re gonna be able to afford the steep prices, not until we’re earning a better wage anyway. So, like I pretty much do with most things, I’ve been checking out where I can find something that fits the bill and the criteria we’re after but that’s not brand-spanking new and ridiculously priced. There’s several sites I came across but I’ve found a couple of trailers on one site that we’ll probably choose between. When I searched old used for sale trailers seemed to be the best. Just deciding now which one to go for. We want enough space to get in everything we need but the bigger trailers are obviously more expensive. Buying second hand will mean we can afford to get one big enough I hope.