Afternoon peoples. Hope you read and enjoyed the previous entry. I really enjoy writing about music! Today I want to take the focus away from the drums and talk about my favourite brand of keyboards… Korg. I was fortunate enough to have a Korg is40 when I was 16 and it was the first keyboard I played and just thought “Wow!!” You can play any style on it and it sounds so convincing. It still sounds convincing today and stands up to a lot of very good contemporary keyboards. Korg really know how to make amazing keyboards. The step recording option was really cool and I arranged my A-Level composition task on it. My lecturer was suitably impressed and asked how I had recorded it.


Korg also make amazing synthesizers, both software and hardware. I have the Korg Legacy Collection on my MacBook and I use it in every production task for uni. It is so versatile and thick sounding. The Arp Odyssey is an analogue synth with a massive punch. I got to play around with one at a music event last year and I am in the process of saving up for one! It’s taking a while though, as there is always something musically related that I want to purchase! I was using it to play some trance riffs on and I instantly knew I had to have one. Have to find space for it in my room though, but who needs a wardrobe anyway? Ha.


The Kronos X is a workstation that is probably the finest in the world. It just looks the business. Says “Don’t mess with me”. I played around with one at the same music show last year. If I come into a large sum of money at some point then I will be buying one, but on a student income, it’s pretty much impossible. One can dream though and it is something for the future. It’s pretty much an industry standard keyboard and most of the biggest bands in the world have one in their setup.


I’m off to dream about keyboards.