Kendrick Lamar’s New Album

Hey what's going on everybody? Welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog, really cool that you are all coming back here. Has anyone heard that hot new Kendrick Album. Kendrick Lamar released his latest studio album earlier this week, and it has got the internet going crazy. The album got an almost perfect score of 99 on Metacritic, and has gotten critical acclaim ever where else as well. The album seems more straightforward than Lamar’s album from last year, To Pimp A Butterfly, yet it seems that the musical ambition is still in the songs. Kendrick Lamar has been the best rapper in the game for the past five years at least, and if he keeps dropping albums like this he will stay there.

We first got a sneak peak of this album when Lamar released a promotional single “ The Heart Part 4” that had a hint towards an April 7th release date, which turned out the be the day eh album was available for pre-order on iTunes and in store. The first true single for the track was released on March 30th with a video being released on Youtube. The music video had hints at the cover art for the album, which was revealed 12 days later on April 11th, 3 days before the album was released commercially.  

With critical acclaim within the first week of release, we can expect Kendrick Lamar and ‘Damn’ to sweep the Grammy’s this year. Lamar is no stranger to the awards, already having won 8 Grammy awards in his career. Last year Lamar lead rappers with the most nominations in one night, a feat previously held by Eminem. The only question there seems to be about ‘Damn’ and the Oscars is how many it will pick up.


Kendrick Lamar