How choose a drums ?


Like I said in my first article, I’m a drummer since I was a child and I would like give some advises for people who want begin play drums.

What drums choose to start ?

I hadn’t this choice when I was a child, but nowadays you have first to choose between an acoustic or electronic drums.

Electronic or acoustic drums ?



There are 2 different opinions :

Professionals of "traditional kit" and they say : "it is necessary that you start on a real drums, otherwise you'll take bad habits, the rebound is not such, electronics ca not ring... A electro, it is not a drums!".
The other wise you are the professionals of electronic they say "You'll see it's great, it makes no noise, you can play up to 3 hours of the morning without waking up your neighbor. You have an incredible variety of sounds, and more if y'en was not enough, you can add. You're pretty darn less limited that with an old drums and touch is the same."
To choose, you should know what you need, like me, I recently moved into an appartment, I therefore had no choice but to opt for an electronic drum. But also, the choice was huge : low range or middle range ? How many areas of typing on the cymballes ? number of pedals ? ...
I finally stopped my choice on the first price in and I think I did a bargain, for only 600euros I have a good electronic drums.
It doesn't take much space and it holds in a corner of my living room. I could learn the basics the basics of the rhythms of rock, salsa, samba, reggae. Subsequently, by increasing my speed, the bass drum pedal has struggled to follow. But, as you will soon see, the speed at the beginning is not essential.
I have chosen an electronic drums 1st Prize especially for budget issues and constraints of apartment. 2 years later I am still happy a few limits closely. At the moment I intend to keep it, we'll see in 6 months (when I get well progress!) if I'm not going to change.

Is what I would advise a friend to start playing drums on a low range electronics? YES! Without hesitation, this allows to start drums without taking too many risks (one is never sure of not committing a mistake by engaging in the practice of an instrument), which allows to learn the techniques of bases, at low speed.

And being able to register through the audio output is a real plus (not bad for bring to the teacher at the next meeting of the kind: "you see I do not know too much how to play this game, I tried like this, or like that, which is the best"). I would add that the various sounds available are a funny gadget that may make some repetitive exercises less boring.

Steps for choosing its electronic drums

Now that I have a little experience with electronic drums, I'll try to give you the important steps before making a purchase.

Define its purchasing budget

You should know that an electronic drums is always more expensive than an acoustic drums to equivalent range.
I would advise those who are seeking a drums to set a price range. Indeed it's the same when we selected a new car, if you have the budget that for a Twingo, you doesn't look in the catalogue Porsche, and like the cars, there are several range of drums.

Choose the range of its electronic drums 

-Low range : good if you have a low budget, but there are few flaws that can lead to bad habits (striking quality, sound, layout elements), which should accommodate.
-Middle range: these drums are already more qualities than the previous range, in General better gameplay, best finishes, more opportunities on the number of "kits" of sounds, accessories offer more opportunities.
-Expert range: the top of the top in electronic drums, with what is best for touchdown. Expert batteries are what is closest to acoustic drums. Their advanced module can be adjusted almost all parameters.

Choose the brand

If your are an amateur in the world of drums, I advise you to choose the safest brand : Roland

Roland drums are often seen as being the reference in the world of electronic drums. Solid, good warranty and very few failures. These brand cover all ranges, from entry-level to professional, and most of the time average prices are higher than other brands. Roland prices range from € 450 to € 7700. You can easily find offers on their website.
An other good brand is of course Yamaha, a reference in the world of electronic music. If you want a low range drums at lower prices, I think the best is Medeli
I hope that all these informations was interesting for you, don't hesitate to contact me.
Thank you, bye!!