Festivals to look out for in 2016

Welcome back to my music blog guys, thanks for all the comments so far, glad you’ve had a good read. I wanted to just write a quick article about some of the festivals I’m looking forward to this year now that 2016 is well underway.


This is for sure one of my favourite festivals and if I get chance again this year, I’ll definitely be attending. The last time I really did the festival circuit was back in 2014 as I had a busy year in 2015. It’s held in the middle of June in the Tennessee countryside. I love listening to some of the comedy acts in between the main shows and there’s heaps of other cool stuff to do there too. Last time I went they attracted people like Kanye West, Jack White and Elton John, so a real blend.

Austin City Limits Festival

As you can gather from the name, this festival is held in Austin, Texas. It’s held near the start of October. Texas is known as the ‘Live Music’ Capital of the World o you can imagine how popular this festival is becoming year on year. When I went a couple of years back, I got to see Pearl Jam who were pretty awesome. Apparently last time around they extended the festival so it took place over two weekends.

Voodoo Experience

It was a few years back since I went here when I saw Calvin Harris and The Cure amongst others. Held in New Orleans, this makes for a pretty cool festival. It’s a celebration of music and art so I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I’ll make it back this year.